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TagPop True Size Guide


Hey TagPoppers!

We are very pumped to announce TagPop True Size. Created because we LOVE our customers and listen to all of your comments and feedback. Since our founding, one of our biggest challenges has been sizing. Because we exclusively sell thrift and vintage clothing, sizing is a bit of a pickle for two reasons:

  1. Vintage items are sized from decades ago, which are not equivalent to our modern sizing measurements.
  2. Thrift clothing is pre-owned, therefore it is pre-loved and previously washed.

This means that something marked as a Medium, has most likely shrunk to a proper Small.

SO we took the average sizes from the most prevalent t-shirt companies, and after endless testing we came up with our own customized sizing for our tees! Now all tees are measured before they hit your doors. Check out our size chart below!

How It Works

We want your TagPop experience to be perfect, that's why we hand measure every tee. Now when you select a small, it will truly be a small by measurement, not by the “S” on the size tag. After measuring, we label them with size stickers. This means you may receive a “Medium” shirt that actually measures out to be a small, or vise versa. So when you get our shirts, look for the size sticker for it’s true size rather than the size label. 

We are extremely excited to have this finally ironed out for our TagPoppers because at the end of the day, this is all for you! 💚