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About Us

TagPop is an online thrift store which was founded by Topper Luciani in 2016. The company is based in New Haven, CT with fulfillment centers expanding throughout the country. TagPop is an eco-friendly, online thrift store making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. Through convenience, affordability, and our commitment to exceptional customer relationships, we provide a fun and unique second hand shopping experience. TagPop’s business model is innovative and sustainable in that we take advantage of a resource that is already existing instead of unsustainably mass producing product. We realize how wasteful the fashion industry is, TagPop chooses to not contribute to it, but raise awareness of how harmful this waste is to the environment. Learn more about our mission to make the world a better place here.


About Our Founders:

Topper Luciani
, TagPop's CEO and co-founder, has spent his entire career working in apparel and more than a decade in second hand clothing. He is the driver of TagPop’s vision and mission and has a passion for finding new and exciting ways for used goods to be recycled, re-purposed and put back into the marketplace. Topper oversees all of TagPop’s business operations, from business development and strategy to fulfillment and content marketing. He wears every hat, from pitching investors to shipping packages and is deeply driven to reshape the secondhand landscape.  His energy and positivity are contagious and he loves sharing his enthusiasm for solving real challenges on a global scale.



Contact Us:

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