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Why Second Hand Shopping is Great

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When you shop second hand, you’re making a difference to the world, to your wardrobe and your wallet. How, you say? From my experience, buying second hand clothing has given me this wild, inspiring feeling that most newly produced clothing can’t. Whether you’re an avid second hand shopper, or have just decided to consider buying used clothes, here’s a list that will assure you why investing in second hand clothing is great:

1. You’re recycling
Instead of supporting mass manufacturers produce new clothing, you’re doing good to the world by repurposing clothing items and not sending them to the textile waste crisis. It’s understable that clothes slowly start to lose meaning to some people, but that doesn’t mean it’s not value to another person. Repurposing is the future -- keep doing it, it looks good on you.
2. It’s affordable
You’re in for a good deal when you shop second hand. It’s easy to walk into any ordinary store and can spend $100 on just four items of clothing, but why do that when you can get 10+ items of clothing for only $100 or less? Your wallet will be very happy.
3. Better Quality
Ever wondered why you can find better quality clothing in second-hand stores? Back in the day, clothes were made with more natural fabrics and not synthetic. Don’t know the difference? You can find more information about them here in our last blog post. These clothes have already been broken in as well, so you skip the softening part.
4. Unique wardrobe

I am always looking for statement pieces for my wardrobe, and when I do, I usually go shop at second hand stores. I do this especially because I not only do I find higher quality pieces, but find some prints that are no longer seen in any new clothes, which makes these clothing items truly unique. Trends never go out of style, and I can guarantee you that you’ll see the same trends pop back again.


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