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3 Ways to Wear: Silk Scarves

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This season, top off your outfit with our classic Mystery Silk Scarves. This statement piece is the perfect accessory to liven up any outfit, and we'll show you a few of the endless ways to wear it.

1. Around the Neck: A Classic

Store away last seasons chokers and make way for breezy, lightweight silk scarves this summer. Tie it around the neck for an effortless look that makes any outfit look put together. 


2. In your hair

One scarf can do wonders when you need that last minute solution to tame your mane. Wrap it around a hair tie for an instant scrunchie, fold it a couple times to make a simple hairband, braid one into your hair to liven it up, and finally, loosely tie a colorful scarf into a half-up half-down style for a bold statement.  


3. Everywhere Else

Add some personality to your outfit by tucking and tying the scarf in various places. Tie a scarf with a fun print to the handle of your bag to give it a new look, tuck it into a shirt pocket for a pop of color, hang one around your neck or under the collar to keep it simple, and tie one on your pant belt loop or around the whole waist for an instant belt.


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