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Written by Kat Rybarski

TagPop Enthusiast


TagPop resonates with me. The brand exudes a chill vibe that I can not only get on board with, but also have a comfort level where it feels like I'm going to be taken care of. Oh, you have a buddy that sells graphic tees that can totally hook me up? Sweet, so do I- they're called TagPop and they have great jokes and they smell nice. But guess what? TagPop doesn't just take care of ME, they also care about the big picture. They're a conscientious company and as catchy as that Fugees "Killing Me Softly" song is, that bad mama jama Mother Earth doesn't like it too much. (Is it from bad karaoke renditions or global warming? Who's to say, really?) Do you know how many companies I've worked for that don't even have a recycling program? Exactly. All of them. And that's about all too many. This time around I'd really like to contribute to a force (of nature?) that inspires that positive change.

Not to mention, vintage thrift apparel is where it's at (AND I have two turn tables and a microphone.) Did I go to "Phil's Bachelor Weekend"? Maybe- ask me about it! Am I the "World's Best Dad"? Probably not, but I think I know him. (He sells insurance. If you want a quote- I got you.) The truth is, much like a person, behind every shirt, there's a story. So why take time to look up "conversation icebreakers" on the internet, if you can show up to your friend's improv party wearing a "Bob's Bacon and Ballet Shack" shirt? People will talk to you about it for sure. Also, if that's a place, I want to go there. It's probably not well advertised to disguise the bacon ballerinas. PLIÉ OFF ME I'M STARVING AMIRITE?!

Why take time to look up "conversation icebreakers" on the internet, if you can show up to your friend's improv party wearing a "Bob's Bacon and Ballet Shack" shirt?

Then there's the mystique. (Read that in a whisper to make it more intriguing!) When I was a kid I was into the Encyclopedia Brown books and Murder She Wrote (Jessica Fletcher= OG) because I love a good mystery. The element of surprise makes my brain happy. (You know what else is triggered by the element of surprise? Laughter! Well, how about that.) I tried to do this once with a rental car company by selecting the "Wild Car" option (get it? It's like a WILD CARD but with a vehicle!) You could get a fancy sports car! Or a Range Rover! Or maybe even a MINIVAN! Which, naturally, is what we got. You get mad respect when you roll up to that wedding with your date in the White Whale™. But it was a nice day for a #WhiteWhaleWedding, and now we have stories to tell at our Christmas parties and in awesome writing samples.

How do I connect to TagPop? It's all the things I love to be. I'm super silly. I love puns (I get that from my dad. You know that whole thing where you're a kid and your dad cracks you up, and then you're a teenager and you're like, "You can't just ANNOUNCE we're wiped out of toilet paper in the middle of Target, Dad!" and then you get over yourself and realize your dad is actually hilarious? Yeah, that happened to me.) And that sort of humor translates to everything in my world, including and especially, dating profiles. One guy even messaged me to say, "I'm not interested in you or anything, but your profile is friggin hilarious! Good luck with your comedy career." But every rejection teaches you more about what you want: make an impact, #FUNNYOVEREVERYTHING and also, please don't say "friggin".

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