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501 vs 505: Get to Know Your Classics

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Anyone from your favorite it-girl fashion influencer to your best friend’s dad will admit that a pair of good jeans is a staple item in their wardrobe. They probably both also own a pair of Levi’s.

Here at TagPop, we try not to play favorites, but we’ll let you in on a little secret- Levi’s is our favorite. A pair of Levi’s jeans are iconic, but a pair of vintage Levi’s? Coveted. Luckily, we’ve got your seats covered (literally) with our selection that includes pre-loved 501s and 505s. Looking to understand the differences between the two styles? We’ve got you covered on that too.

Both the Levi’s 501 and 505 are enduring classics with deep, rich histories. The 501 was created in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, and is the first pair of blue jeans ever, instantly becoming the most popular item of clothing in history. The 505 was later born in the 1960s and beloved by rock stars such as Debbie Harry, The Ramones, and The Rolling Stones. In fact, on the cover of their album “Sticky Fingers,” The Rolling Stones are sporting a pair of Levi’s 505s. (Side note: said album cover was shot by Andy Warhol!) Talk about cult classics.

Besides their histories, the 501 and 505 have technical differences as well. These differences mainly come down to their fly and their fit:

The 501 features a button fly whereas the 505 has a zipper fly. This is because the 501 was created before the zipper was invented. Benefits of a button fly: you’ll never get caught with your fly down!

Both the 501 and 505 are considered to be straight-legged. However, there are subtle differences. The 501 has a slight taper while the 505 are more straight up and down. Also, the 501 also has a slightly higher rise than the 505.

So which will you choose: 501 or 505?

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