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3 Ways To Wear: The Mystery Flannel

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Flannels are a great staple to anyone’s closet. They’re amazing for many reasons -- most of them are 100% cotton made, are a unisex clothing item, and can be styled throughout all seasons.

But what really makes them one of our favorite clothing items to own? They’re so genuinely cool, so comfortable and have been always been in style. You’ll be stay snug and chic all year with these three classic styles.


1/ With a tee, around the waist

Channel a 90s look by wrapping this piece around your waist. It’s effortlessly cool, and is especially great paired up with any Mystery Tee.


2/ With cutoff shorts and a tee

Throw the flannel over your tee on breezy spring or summer days, and complete the look with our Premium Denim Cutoffs.


3/ With a regular tee and a denim jacket

Finally, layer all three items in The Essential Pack for an easy go-to outfit that never fails. The combination of a soft cotton flannel adds texture and dimension layered under the denim jacket. Finish the look with some cuffed Men's Premium Denim or Premium Denim Cutoffs.




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